Fontlab VI uranges.dat file

The uranges.dat file included with FontLab VI dates back to 2007 and thus is just a tad out of date.

I’ve attached an up-to-date version for anyone who needs it.



  • Thank you.
  • Thank you very much.
  • That's cool. Thanks!

    Note that this is only used in Font > Add Glyphs > Scripts (I think that's all). So it only affects that one static list.

    Font > Add Glyphs > Smart is based on Unicode 10 and can accept darn near anything, already. For example "Adlam" does not appear in the static "Scripts" list, but you can type it in the "Smart" list.
  • Ah! That explains much... I’m actually still using FLS5 and was a bit surprised this file hadn't been updated in VI. I should have pointed out in my original post that this file will also work with FLS5 which doesn't have the add glyphs->smart.

  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 1,417
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    We had discussed updating it, but that long static list is already pretty darn long, so we left it at the Unicode 5 version.

    I was going to make available a longer version, with the two-tier formatting, that would work with both FLS 5 and FL VI. But you've beaten me to it. (Albeit without the two-tier formatting to show sub-sections in FLS 5.)
  • I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean by 2-tier. Did you mean something like the attached?

    This version groups scripts geographically, but I was forced to remove all the subranges to get this to work.

    [n.b. you can only have one uranges.dat file and it must be named "uranges.dat" so this file needs to be renamed to work].
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 1,417
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    Oh, that's an interesting approach, very cool, would be nice in FLS 5.

    I meant like this:

    0x1E900,0x1E95F,1E900 Adlam
    0x1E900,0x1E91B,      Capital letters
    0x1E91C,0x1E921,      Supplementary capital letters
    0x1E922,0x1E93D,      Small letters
    0x1E93E,0x1E943,      Supplementary small letters
    0x1E944,0x1E94A,      Diacritical marks
    0x1E950,0x1E959,      Digits
    0x1E95E,0x1E95F,      Punctuation

    Whereas your version would just have the first line for "Adlam"
  • Ah. I’m not quite that ambitious at the moment :-) Plus I’m still thinking in terms of FLS5. When I take the plunge to VI (probably in the next month or so) maybe I’ll consider expanding it, in which case I’ll post it here.

  • The two-tier version works in FLS 5.
    (I think VI only pays attention to the top level, but I would have to check to be certain.)
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