FontInfo problem

I've made a typeface with 10 weights in RoboFont, 5 roman and 5 italics. Now I'm trying to finish up the project and I've run aground during the testing. 
In InDesign there's a shortcut to make text italic by pressing cmd+shift+i, and it is suppose to toggle between the roman and italic version of the weight. 
But in my case it jumps all across the weights for some reason and I can't figure out why.
It goes like this if i use the command and have my regular selected: regular->medium italic->semibold->medium italic->regular.

I've tried to look through the documentation for RoboFont's font-info but it doesn't help. 
Does anyone know what makes the font reference to its roman/italic counterpart? Maybe I've missed something, this is the first time doing this is RoboFont.


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