Number of views bug

I realized the number of views related to any post in this forum is either ending with 0 or 1. Is it just me?


  • I'm seeing it too. After I viewed this post, the count went from 1 to 11.
  • Also, I've re-viewed it a few times and the count stays at 11.
  • I let Vanilla know.
  • I think it's adding 10 for every new unique page view instead of 1. Ending in a 1 or 0 probably depends on what the initial count is.
  • My guess is that it registers views in units of ten. Therefore, if the number of views is between 31 and 39, it will show 40 (or 41) until that number surpasses 40 (at which time it would show 50 or 51).
  • “This is not a bug, it is the view denormalization - it counts in 10s to increase performance.”
  • I see. And the suffixal 1 comes from the very first view. It kind of bothers me, although it's something I could get used to. I would be nice to have a nice 0 at the end.
  • But... this one goes to eleven.
  • JP - is that their actual response?
  • Yes, that’s their response. Vanilla hosting is a massive redundant system meant for forums that get incredible traffic volumes around the clock. So some of the stuff they do is not entirely applicable to a small forum like Typedrawers.
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