Webfont test suites or validation tools, which ones are there

One comment I picked up multiple times while talking/reading about webfonts, is that people are weary about creating WOFF and WOFF2 fonts because it adds so much work. These fonts need to be prepared, tested and validated, will introduce extra risk of broken fonts and cause more support questions. I also get the impression that local tooling, or on-the-fly font generation on a remote server, isn't to be trusted or complicated in usage.

I was wondering if there are any test suites or validation tools that people use now that could be improved, or what the requirements would be such a tool if it doesn't exist for your specific situation. Or examples of how current (command line) tools fudge up things, and how they should be improved.


  • I suppose most of the testing in the desktop environment involves actually using the font in applications? Are you doing anything special for web, e.g. testing in multiple browsers/OSes, testing different circumstances? I'm trying to get a feel for which tests are manual, and which ones are (or can be) automated.
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    I've been commissioning better web font testing tools, in the github.com/googlefonts org there are a bunch of projects. 

    FontBakery is the main one, and wraps various others like OTS, HinTak Fontval, etc
  • FontBakery is pretty extensive, nice job @Dave Crossland and all the contributors. Am I correct in summarising this as a "font linter", but for Google Font's standards?

    If found an interesting thread here on TypeDrawers about testing font outside of Adobe products, and came across web-specific test pages like the Font Testing Page and Webfont Testing. Both tools offer lots of tests that need to be executed by human eyeballs and brains — nothing automatable.

  • Correct. There are a few more forks of the impallari tester. Huerta Tipografia and Cyreal also have some script specific comparison tools, and James Puckett has posted some great InDesign test docs. 

    Automation is possible with machine learning and computer vision, Marc Foley had started to work on that
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