Why are some glyphs not named in FontLab Studio 5?

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Most glyphs in the font window are pre assigned with a name, but some are not. 
For example: uni00AD (SOFT HYPHEN) and uni00A0 (NO-BREAK SPACE).
Why are those glyphs not named?
Can I assign safely the correct name to them?


  • I'm not sure what you mean by a correct name? uni00AD and uni00A0 are the correct names. 

    Since 00A0 and 00AD do not appear in
    the algorithmic uniXXXX names are used. Of course you can use different names during development, but the final fonts should use Adobe-compatible names (AGLFN + algorithmic).
  • Aha, I did'nt know about the Adobe Glyph List. Thanks, this is very helpful, the link too.
  • Laurenz, 

    FontLab Studio 5 uses ".nam" files to provide mapping between Unicodes and glyphnames. You can have a custom ".nam" file but the "standard.nam" that is used by default in FLS5 works so that if you generate Unicodes from glyphnames, FLS5 understands various alternate, development and historical glyphnames, but if you generate glyphnames from Unicodes, it uses the names compiled by Adobe as part of the AGLFN. You can use different names during development, but in the end, the uniXXXX names are recommended for all names that aren't part of AGLFN. 
  • Thanks for the explanation, I'll just stick to the uniXXXX to be sure. And 'll study the manual better, I've found the subject you described on page 148 (link to AGLFN is outdated but luckily you've provided a working one).
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