Adobe Illustrator CS6 won't show some glyphs

Vasil StanevVasil Stanev Posts: 256
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Hello all,
I am having trouble with some glyphs in a font I developed - when I install the font, open an Illustrator project and try to pick them from the Glyphs table, they DO appear in the table, but NOT on the page - everything is nodef boxes. Standard Glyphs appear normal.
What could be the reason? :neutral:


  • Dusan JelesijevicDusan Jelesijevic Posts: 24
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    Check in FontLab do missing glyphs have assigned unicode values (Alt+Enter).
  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,105
    or are they addressed in a substitution in your feature code?
  • Do the missing glyphs have a unicode or PUA assignment? If not, add the appropriate value. If so, are the missing glyphs used in a simple substitution w/in your features? Or is the substitution part of a more complex GSUB rule? Or a layered feature? 
  • As it turns out, to show in Adobe programs, these specific glyphs have to have the aalt feature. 
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