Move calt to salt in mastered files?

Hey everyone.

I have a client that would like to have the contextual alt feature move to the stylistic alt OpenType feature, as the calt is on by default in Adobe apps and they don't want that. 

Is there any simple way of doing this to already mastered files, or am I going to have to go back and remaster them? Maybe a script or tool I can run in Terminal?

Thanks for any suggestions!


  • Didn't think I would be able to do this, but it seems like converting to TTX, and then doing a find and replace of "calt" to "salt" does the trick.

    Even though that works for now, does anyone have any other suggestions for other ways of doing this? Might be interesting to know for future reference, for example swapping a stylistic set to the calt or salt? Thanks!
  • That is exactly how I would have done it. 
  • I know about FontCreator which you can go to OpenType Designer / Code Editor and then change ContextualAlternates calt features to StylisticAlternates salt. And I think that works for StylisticSet1 as well.
  • I think OT Master is build for purposes like this.
  • Slightly different, but still similar:

    Does anyone know of a simple way to swap the default numerals post-mastering? Say Tabular Lining are set to the default, and you'd like the Proportional Lining to be default? 

    It seems like even if I use, the glyphs labelled "one" "two" etc... will still actually be the Tabular numerals, they just will no longer be tied to the default unicode. Might not be the best idea for compatibility across multiple platforms. 
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