With the passing of time, information is leaking away

Imagine looking at a pile of old newspapers, and that their dates would have been replaced by just the month. That would be weird. This is what happens here.

I think that the removal of date and time from the contributions of this forum, is unfortunate, because in this way, information disappears which might be useful.
  • It might be easier to understand (or to "place in time-context") a discussion, when the date and time info of its contributions would still be present. It can make a big difference if the time distance between two contributions is 5 minutes, or 20 days. And it can make a difference to be able to see this.
  • When the date and time info would stay with a contribution, it would be possible to use date and time to refer to it.
At other forums, the date and time info stays with a contribution. If possible, I would suggest to do the same here too.


  • I’m looking into this.
  • Did you resolve this?
  • Wow, I didn’t realize that was happening. I’ve put in a support request. In the meantime you can see the exact day and time of any post by hovering over the date link, but obviously that’s not ideal.
  • edited May 11
    If you hover over the date stamp of the post, you can see it in full on a tooltip.

    Edit: oops, the post above me says it already, soz.
  • Hiding stuff under a hover doesn't work for touch-based devices, btw.
  • Hiding stuff under a hover doesn't work for touch-based devices, btw.

    Agreed, I almost mentioned that. It’s the same for post flagging.
  • Thanks Stephen!! :)
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