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Does anyone have the installer for the previously-distributed version of VTT? It's at 6.2 on the MS site now and that has bugs and, even though I installed it into a separate directory, it still deleted the old version.

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  • I am pretty sure I do. I had a new computer this summer though (the reason why fontval 2.1 was delayed) . 6.0's installer should be in the older hard drive. I'll find it if nobody else has it in more convenient way.
  • Thanks @Hin-Tak Leung . I actually think that if you never updated to the most recent version, it's fine just to send along the executable by itself (unlike 4.4, it doesn't have any associated files).
  • @Micah Stupak I am not as neat I as thought - the old VTT 6.10 was downloaded to somewhere below my FontVal directory :-) . So it was moved over together when I continued with Fontval . It is not at all troublesome to find - it is just in my current hard drive. I zipped them up (both the 32-bit and 64-bit installer) as:


    Enjoy and please report when you find. The above URL is 6.10 (feb 2016) but I am fairly sure I have also the 6.01 (August 2015). That's definitely in the older hard drive. If you want 6.01, give me a shout.

    Version 6.20 [March, 2017 release]
    Version 6.10 [February, 2016 release]
    Version 6.01 [August 31, 2015 release]

  • That does it, Hin-Tak! Thank you very much.
  • @Micah Stupak What bugs are you seeing in 6.2? 
  • @Micah Stupak What bugs are you seeing in 6.2? 
    6.2 doesn't show the "info bar" stuff at the top of the glyph window, nor does it show CVT or point numbers. (Yes, I have all this stuff turned on in options.)

  • Thanks, @Micah Stupak. We're investigating.
  • @Rob McKaughan I've also found an issue with the Light Latin auto hint adding a point way to the left of a glyph in 6.20. Email me if you want a test case (ben benkiel.com)
  • For future reference/google/others: @Mike Duggan kindly pointed out that there is a "Disable Outline Modification" option (Tools / Options / Autohinter tab / Disable Outline Modification) in VTT. One note is that this option will reset when you open a font, so you need to set it each time you want it to apply to a open font.
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