Anyone have experience with this font identification software (Find my Font)?

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I wasn't sure if this was the right category for this kind of question, but I'll ask it here anyway.

There are a number of font-identification apps (both web- and desktop-based) and it looks like this one is pretty good, but I thought I'd ask if anyone has experience using it: Find my Font

The free trial doesn't have the breadth of database access as the pro version and there's no refund if you pay for a license for the pro version. So, I'm just a little bit hesitant to fork out the $50 without knowing if it's as good as it seems to be.

As a side note, does anyone have a favorite software for this kind of thing?


  • I haven't heard of them. Odd that they don't tell you the size of their online font database. It would be pretty easy to get a huge one, and if I were them I would want to promote that point. Video looks like the tech is good and all. Impressed with how many versions of Mistral the person has. Interface seems a bit last-century.
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    After a bit more searching on their site, I did find this blog post which contains quite a bit of information about their database:
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    I bit the bullet and purchased a PRO license. I will give it some testing and report back if it was worth it or not.
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    Ok, I've done some testing with this software and I'm happy to report, for those interested, that it absolutely works as advertised and is quite fast, even when you tell it to favor accuracy over speed.

    Any particular search usually takes less than 20-30 seconds, usually much shorter, depending on how many fonts are installed on your computer.

    It has numerous handy image tools, like correcting the baseline if the image is at an angle, or de-skewing the image, etc., to help you get the glyph shapes as good as you can before the search takes place.

    It appears to have access (on their database) to approximately 145k different typefaces and their variants. Does it know about EVERY font out there? Definitely not, but I hope the company continues to expand its database. The search also checks the font files that have been installed on your own machine, but I couldn't find a way (yet) to include files in arbitrary directories, which would be nice. It also gives you the ability to simply browse around.

    One thing I love about it, especially since I have been trying to identify typefaces that don't seem to be in use anymore, or at least have never been digitized, is that it introduces me to so many great alternatives that are similar to what I'm looking for and even has given me clues as to what it may have been called at the time (since I'm unable to find specimens).

    And, believe it or not @Thomas Phinney, I think the interface works quite nicely. Could it be improved/modernized, probably, but everything is straightforward, fast, and easy to use.

    The only thing that I could remotely complain about is that it sometimes recommends a typeface that I can't actually find online anymore, but the information they provide at least includes who created it, so it would be easy to contact them to see if the font is for sale or what happened to it.

    Anyway, I'm quite happy with the purchase and highly recommend it. By far the best one of its kind that I've used, either off- or on-line.
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    I have been using it for a few years and its awesome.
    I don't use it very much for identification. I use it mostly as a font manager / library browser.
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