The faces of Microsoft

Microsoft has had big impact on type, in the office, on the desktop, online. Here’s how it happened. By John D. Berry


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    This posting managed to make the word “Microsoft” bold but not to use a real link.

    Could the “admins” please do their jobs and edit this post so its link looks and acts like every other link on this page (and on the Web)?

    (Fun fact: I again had to edit the HTML of this comment so it used actual paragraph markup.)

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    Wrote but deleted. Probably a broken link, noted by Joe, got fixed.
  • Not sure what the problem is? I copied and pasted the link, and it appeaS to work? 
  • Great article that also reveals some more secrets about the smiggring.

  • Yes, from left, Geraldine, Sue, Greg, Ian and Mike, and that is the Original smiggring 
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