TypeTool creates 'C' alphabet on convert to curve

Hello all! I have designed a font on TypeTool 3.1.2 on Mac OSX Yosemite.
It all looks fine and when I export the font at TTF and use it in Adobe Illustrator it still looks fine.
But in Illustrator when I 'convert to curve' the font, for every 'return' pressed on the keypad I get a 'C' alphabet.
How do I fix this? Any one knows? I have posted this on TypeTool official forums but no reply.


  • Sorry we missed your post on the TypeTool forums. But the forums aren't our tech support, anyway. I think we'd have to look at your font.

    Write to support at fontlab (with the obvious extension: .com) and attach the font so we can take a look at it....


  • Thanks Thomas! Will do that!
  • Sent!
  • For other interested parties: looks like the likely culprit was that the font was missing a defined "space" glyph. Perhaps Illustrator is reliant on it in some interesting ways?
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