Fluent (F_l)

PabloImpallariPabloImpallari Posts: 527
edited March 2012 in Technique and Theory
While visiting http://fluent.io/ I started to ask myself about the best way to avoid 'F_l' to look like an 'H' in script fonts.
Not as easy as it seems... How do you solve it? Any tricks?


  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,647
    I think the trick is to let the other letters in the word blow away the cloud of ambiguity.
  • Michael ClarkMichael Clark Posts: 138
    edited March 2012
    Great eg. Sye! Clients who purchase lettering miss stuff like this yet gripe about the shape of individual letters that are not even a player in the scheme of things.

    Has Fall befallen you?  :-)
  • agreeing with James: Context reveals all. I don't think a bit of ambiguity hurts a script font.
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