Fractions without fraction glyph

I spotted this feature in Matthew Carter’s Alisal. It seems to work in this case because of the strong horizontal design of the numerals (and the font is more suited for text than formulas). Bell Centennial has this as well, but they’re arranged diagonally. Are there other typefaces with similar fractions, or is this rather unique?


  • Gilles Le Corre seems fond of this.

    e.g. 1584 Pragmática Lima

    1350 Primitive Russian

  • I did 3 different sorts of fractions in Andron (Mega). For composing text on musical notation I use those vertically adjusted glyphs without a stroke, this fashion is usual for depicting measure numbers.
  • AbrahamLeeAbrahamLee Posts: 191
    this fashion is usual for depicting measure numbers.
    I think you mean time signatures.
  • Removing the vinculum is mathematically incorrect.
  • Obviously you wouldn’t want to set technical or scientific texts using these fractions, but I think Alisal’s could be handsome in a literary text.
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