Paul Renner’s Die Kunst der Typographie

Sander S. PedersenSander S. Pedersen Posts: 18
edited May 2017 in History of Typography
Has this book ever been translated to English, or any other language? It piqued my interest because Christopher Burke opines in his book on Renner that it's a more practical manual than his earlier book (Mechanisierte Grafik) and a more accessible practical guide than Tschichold’s Die Neue Typografie. Unfortunately, my German is rather poor, even though some of the typographic terms are closer to the equivalent in Norwegian than English.


  • Dan ReynoldsDan Reynolds Posts: 111
    No, it hasn’t ever been published in English-language translation. 
  • That’s a shame. It’d be interesting to compare it with Tschichold’s writing, even if the content is no longer of much practical relevance.
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