Would you like to own a typographer's mould?

Ramiro EspinozaRamiro Espinoza Posts: 564
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Dear colleagues,

In the coming months there will be a number of typographer's moulds produced in the Netherlands similar to the one in the picture. They will be working devices able to cast metal type.

If you are *seriously* interested in owing a hand mould, please drop me an email at: http://www.re-type.com/contact/
**Please state the size of your mould in points (make please clear if they are Pica or Didot points).

Thanks in advance.


  • Nick GillNick Gill Posts: 1
    I would, of course; it's going to be more than I could afford, though :smile:
    Delighted to see that someone's going to be making some.
  • Ink balls. I want me some ink balls.
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 829
    Having some information on pricing would be helpful
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 1,180
    I may be a bit crusty, but am fortunately mould-free at the moment.
  • Ramiro EspinozaRamiro Espinoza Posts: 564
    @Thomas Phinney I will send you an estimate tomorrow. Next week we'll have a more detailed picture. 
  • I am very interested too.  Several replica's have been made in the past and recently a custom made one for the replica B-42 matrices created by Theo Rehak in 2005 was made by Hugh Macfarlane. It is 19.5 pica points.
    I found also this link on another list : 
    "University of North Texas and Texas A&M University Libraries have made a 3-D printed Hand Mold and Matrix for teaching the process. you can download plans and print one!"
  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,464
    I might be interested in using one for teaching depending on the price. You should contact Shelley Gruendler of Typecamp to find out if there’s a mailing list or forum for design teachers who might be interested.
  • You just gave me an idea, assuming the cost of the real thing is prohibitive for most schools: 3D-print them!
  • I would be interested in owning one too, depending on the cost.
  • Ramiro EspinozaRamiro Espinoza Posts: 564
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    Today I had a meeting at the technical school were the mould is going to be manufactured. Soon I will have more detailed quotations and I will send messages to all the people who contacted me for the project.
    The mould in the picture above is the one in possession of the Plantin Moretus. Here is a picture of the one in possession of Gerard Post van der Molen, complete with custom screwdrivers and the case.

  • Bet your ink balls I want a type mould.
  • Fernando DíazFernando Díaz Posts: 100
    I'm interested as well!
  • I am really interested too!
  • Ramiro EspinozaRamiro Espinoza Posts: 564
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    I took some photos today of the making process of the typographer's mould at the LIS School in Leiden. In the photo, Keke de Jonge proudly poses with the part he has already made.

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