What is the most interesting font ever made? On quora


  • SiDanielsSiDaniels Posts: 263
    I assume the Dos Equis font is mentioned?
  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,077
    I do not always drink, Quora, but when I do, I drink interesting ;-)
  • It is obviously highly subjective, but I think most fonts are boring by design. If they're too interesting they distract the reader from the message. 

    Gabriola manages to be interesting, while still legible. 

    Jokerman is too interesting. There's another well known picturesque font whose name escapes me, but that is more creative than Jokerman. Interesting, without being irritating.

    The old black letter fonts have survived the test of time. People still use Cloister Black, Wedding Text, and some Fraktur fonts. 

    Pia Frauss has a number of script fonts that deserve to be called interesting.
  • I find the Garamond Miroir experiment interesting to see. It has a nice unique texture, and reminds me a bit of Devanagari.
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