Denver/Boulder type and design scene

James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,540
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I am considering moving away from New York. What’s the design and type scene like in the Denver/Boulder area?


  • First resource I thought of:
  • kupferskupfers Posts: 246
    Rick Griffith, reason enough.
  • Oh wow, I forgot about Rick. That guy passes on creativity by osmosis.
  • Jay Nelson who writes design tools monthly lives in Boulder and loves it! I could put you in touch with him, I'm certain he knows the design scene . . .
  • James, if you leave the city before you put in a full 7 years, they'll never mail you your official "NYC Discount Bagel and Hotdog Card".

    Just saying.
  • If you like hanging out around letterpress guys, Rick Griffith and Jason Wedekind are awesome guys. If it matters, Denver has a notoriously bad food scene. Not to mention a lousy hockey team.
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 1,273
    Is a physical professional scene really necessary in this day and age?
    If you have family or a partner who can relate to your interests (and vice versa), is that enough?
    I get by in the boonies with the virtual scene, the Mrs, and the occasional conference.
    But I also have some other interests (squash, mainly) which provide a real local social scene.
  • As someone who lives out in the boonies, even with a partner, it can still get old (and boring), after a little while (perhaps I’m more isolated than you).

    There are times when one misses the opportunities (and the food), available in more populated – even if rent is cheaper out here.
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