Reducing font family bloat

The number of fonts in a typeface family is mushrooming.

Without even getting to web fonts, I'm about to publish a multi-script RIBBI typeface that has 64 fonts, 80 if family packages are included. Each style will be available in four script options (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Pan-European), Plain and Pro, and .otf and .ttf.

I’ve been publishing only .otf format since 2005, but the Bold Italic of this face looks so much better on an Apple monitor in .ttf that I have seriously considered only publishing the .ttf format … however, there is a lingering stigma, I suspect, amongst Mac users, against .ttf fonts.

Of course, another option would be to not even bother with individual fonts for the Greek and Cyrillic markets; I mean, it’s unlikely I will ever sell any Greek Bold Italics. However, making those individual fonts available sends the message that this is a serious multi-script face, has symmetry, and shows cultural respect.

What should I do?


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