Egyptian Hieroglyphs

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Are there any alternative solutions to Wikihiero to create character subdivisions (e.g. 1 glyph below another glyph)? The unicode values are being input using r12a Egyptian hieroglyph character picker, as substitution for pixelated imagery.

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  • There is work still in progress in the Unicode Standard to introduce control characters that can be used to compose complex Egyptian hieroglyphs from the atomic elements (those that are already encoded or the Ptolemaic additions that are in preparation). Common Unicode-based implementations won't appear until all of that is part of the Standard.
  • Thanks Peter, I fully appreciate that this is a work-in-progress. Does TD have any suggestions or comments on the output options available, or more options that I have missed?
    • MacScribe – does not install OS X 10
    • Wikihiero - pixel-based
    • HieroTeX
    • JSesh
    HieroTeX seems to have some of the best results.
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