Intellectual Property Licensing Suits - A question for Type Designers/Lawyers

Here's a question a few out there might be wondering about:

I do not control my licensing; that is handled by distributors. (Myfonts,, HypeforType, etc.) As you may know, these distributors do not provide a easily searchable list of who licensed what.

If I come across a prominent use of one of my fonts, how do would I go about authenticating that a license was purchased to use the font?

Most font related lawsuits have to do with uses - for example, a certain license is required, and the use was clearly infringing. 

Would I ask all of my distributors to do a search of their records? How would this be effective, if, say, a generic LLC licensed the product?

Do you just have your lawyer demand the documentation through the legal process?

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  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 941
    My Fonts sends reports regularly with purchasers name and their email of record.
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