Emojis in Indic scripts

Dear All,
Can any one suggest how can we add Emojis along with Indic script and how do i write code for this in Volt. If any one can help me out in this subject that will be a great help


  • Please no.
  • Skin tone and special modifiers aside surely emoji are treated like other isolated form characters (eg like Latin upper case letters) so what code are you looking for?
  • Flag codes require substitutions.

    Does anyone know if any other substitutions are required for emoji? I think it's just the skin tone modifiers and the flags.
  • I designed emoji shaped using Fontographer and generated the .ttf font and then I opened up in Volt and i had given the the Unicode value of the glyph s then i put all these shapes in to ligature substitution and put in on Latin script. Even the same ligature i put it in CCMP. The problem i am facing is these glyphs are not showing in character map or in words where i am inserting as symbol Its showing just blank.  Can anyone help me to correct this one.. I dont know where i am wrong 

  • Thanx every one for the feed back

  • Ray, I'll check with the Windows font team and see if they can provide details of which substitutions they have included in our emoji font.

    Manoj, emoji are not normally mapped as ligatures of Latin characters, they have their own unique Unicode code points.
  • Yes Daniels i had given the Unicode value to the glyph s and generated using through Volt But its not showing in Character map as well as in Font. Even i tried generating an Open type  font and installed in font folder and then opened the word application and try to insert as symbol still its not showing the Glyph itself.

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    You could dry diffing your font against a known working emoji font, such as Segoe UI Emoji, Segoe UI Symbol, Apple Color Emoji or open source equivalents. That should help you work out where you went wrong.
  • That's good news. We have been failing with wet diffing. 
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    edited January 2017
    Manoj managed to track me down and sent the font. My colleagues on the Windows font team determined the font "didn’t have the 3,10,12 cmap" required for emoji code points.

    Ray, along with the substitutions you mention, our latest emoji font uses gpos to compose family groups.
  • Thanx Daniels for your valuable feedback and support.

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