WooCommerce bulk pricing for fonts plugin.

I’m still trying to find the best way to handle bulk discounts for font sales in WooCommerce. I’m taking about the (quantity price = (base price * multiple) style pricing that most type vendors use. I may hire a developer to add support to an existing, and probably open-source, plugin. If I do is anybody else interested? 


  • Is this solely for desktop/seat licenses or do you want to develop a more complex licensing mechanism? I'd be totally in for participating on something that's more complete or has a vision of including multiple license types.
  • I want to go beyond desktop licenses. I want to do something that covers—at a minimum—desktop, web, ebook, and app licenses with as few products/variations as possible. Mostly I want to limit the number of variations because they will make a store unmanageable. Even with bulk data editing plugins something will inevitably go wrong and not be noticed in a store with thousands of products/variations. I think each font should only be one product/variation to handle files differ and so the receipt will display what was purchased.

    Exactly how to do this is up for discussion. Desktop licenses can easily be handled with a standard quantity field. App and ebook licenses might require a dropdown with quantities or options, but I would still prefer to do that without variations.
  • I did some thinking on this and believe it can be accomplished by setting up a generic product for each of those add-on license types requiring a personalization field that could be propogated with the font name via js from the font page. For web fonts, since we have to deliver a web font kit, we'd still have to set that product up separately vs the complexity required to generate this on-the-fly.
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