"Supported Codepages" dialog box for Cyrillic fonts

Hi there,

Can you tell me if I am filling the following dialog box correctly for a (standad, not extended) Cyrillic font.

Thanks in advance.




  • Are you creating OpenTypes? In those cases I have always set the MS Character Set to “Western”, and the Mac script to “Roman”.
    If you are creating PostScript Type 1 fonts on the other hand, then those settings probably need to be different depending on the platform you’re targetting.
  • Hi Paul. Thanks! Yes, they are going to be OT. What about "Available codepages"? Is it OK like that or should I add also "1252 Latin 1"?
  • If your characterset supports Latin-1 then that would make sense. The green diamond here is actually one of the very few green diamonds that I trust. :)
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