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Bugazoo is a Garamond-based letterbat, all caps font where every creature tells you it's name and kind, an artist interpretation of various cryptids from around the world. A personal project, it is intended for kid's monster books, Initials of fairy-tale books and the like, and for teaching children their ABC's (intended to be sold on MyFonts). I plan a full set with punctuation, numbers,diacritics and special characters. Problem is I do not know how to find mythical beasts starting with Ntilde, Oslash, AE etc., so I rely on people on the board to give me a hint or two, it being international.

For those wondering why their favorite cryptid isn't on the list, it goes
(Jersey) Devil
Roh (Arab)
Snakebeast (personal)
n/a ["xomster"]
World War Z

My idea was to pair the font with Garamond without using outlines or plagiarizing (hence the serifs are slightly different), so for example a Brothers Grimm Fairy talescould be set in Garamond and with Initials in Bugazoo.

A lot of work went into this. What do you think?


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    I'm interested to see the added characters such as numerals and special characters and your approach and thought behind them. For the AE and other characters you could also use inspiration from it's origins (Such as Norse, Germanic or other storytelling origins) I don't think they should have to fit one-on-one as a "first letter" to work.

    I like the subtle style (although I believe some letters could be more outspoken in the transformation from Garamond to Myth, especially letters such as the G, H and O) Some of the detailing seems to vary per glyph though, is this intended? (for instance, the Q has a detailed body with extra linework while the U is quite solid.) Might be worthwhile to bring them all to the same level.
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    Vasil, you may use the compilation made by Jorge Luis Borges on the "Book of Imaginary Beings". A search for translations of this book or the beings cited there would help to find the letters outside the basic latin Alphabet – and even the Greek and Cyrillic ones.

    Quite interesting project. Congratulations!

    Addendum: other topic for search are the Medieval bestiaries. And you may verify if letters like Ø are actually used at the beginning of words.
  • I thought more about it and decided to make the expanded Latin as versions of the basic one. Else every user may complain that their native monster isn't in the alphabet and I would have to make versions for Aacute, Egrave, then alternates and it will become messy. Maybe in a later Pro version, eventually.

    Considering sameness of style, that's pretty hard to obtain. I accept the comment but intend to live it at this for the moment. Considering H, and overall in the font, on an advice by a painter I tried to reduce "gags" to three or less per letter. So it's two heads and a fish tail, the rest is plain letter.

    Some very WIP work:

  • What if it just included the letter? Nøkken would be a good candidate for Ø.

  • Arthur Reinders Folmer
    I'm interested to see the added characters such as numerals and special characters and your approach and thought behind@"Arthur Reinders Folmer"

    Here are my initial ideas :)

    123.png 23.7K
  • (and why has my user split? I used to be logged with the same name and different avatar)
  • It's understandable to limit the quirks, although I see possibility for the same contrast types (see the A and U you posted above, the U "incision" forms [not sure what to call them]) are a bit blunter and of a less finesse as those used in the A, it might be a small change, but could improve the overall "color" of the type.

    The numerals look really promising, especially the 8 and 9 are A+! (those pupils are extremely effective!). And the Section is judging?
  • Eile mit Weile :)

  • OK, this is the (hopefully) final version. Contrast is a big issue but I couldn't figure out a way to fix that without stuffing solid parts with detail. Basically it's a display font, so the letters will not be viewed side by side (if used after my intent).

  • Happy Holidays BTW! Here's to a good year! :)
  • Looks like a really nice solid set! What are the two extra dingbats? Mythical fleurons?
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    Nah, it's a vrouw. 

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