Spacing bug in Xcode/OSX

Hi. I posted about a bug on Typophile ( some days ago. A developer friend is using on of my fonts in Xcode, developing a Cocoa App for OSX. The bug causes strange spacing gaps in sizes up to 17 pt (or px) in UILabels (and possibly other places as well). There is some more details in the linked thread. I’m not closer to an answer. Have anyone else experienced the same problem? Any idea what is causing this?

The default font size in UILabels is 17, and the fact that the spacing issues ceases at the same size might indicate that the system makes some assumptions. At least that’s my only idea so far.

The font is not bundled with the app yet. It’s only chosen from the font menu in Xcode. I’ve asked the developer to try bundling it, and hope to get some feedback on the effect of that within a couple of days.


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