System Validation Error

Hello everyone,

I'm working on my first font and whenever I try to install the OTF I get a "System Validation" error in Font Book. The TTF works fine though. I checked online and asked some people for help, but could not solve this problem. Auto hinting is deselected, so it's not that. 

I asked someone else to generate the font and that person got the same problem. It seems to be a Fontlab-related thing on export of OTF.

Does anyone know what this might be and how to fix it?


  • There where some reports like this in the glyphs forum. It seems to be a problem with Font Book. Apple is investigating it. You can try to put the file on the desktop before opening them. 
  • Thanks. I saw that discussion in the glyphs forum already and I actually have the file on my desktop :S Nothing seems to work. 
  • It looks like the generated OpenType layout features are corrupt. Do send me the OTF and I'll run it through FontCreator. I'll let you know if it detects any issues.
  • Thanks a lot. I will send you the file.
  • Update:
    @Erwin Denissen exported the OTF file using FontCreator and that solved the error. 
    Unfortunately, I can't use FontCreator, because it's Windows only.
    Then, I used the free Glyphs trial to export the font. At first, I got an error - I had glyphs with the same name. This was because some lowercase letters were above the x-height. 
    Anyway I fixed that and exported the font using the Glyphs app trial and it works perfectly fine now.
    As a newbie exploring a new program I probably messed up some settings in Fontlab. I'm not sure though. 
  • I'm glad I could help.

    You can use WineBottler to run FontCreator directly on OS X. Alternatively you can use VirtualBox or Parallels to run Windows on your Mac.

  • Thanks :)
  • @Vitória Neves can you send me the .glyphs file and both .otfs, the one form Glyphs and the one from FontCreator. 
  • @Georg Seifert Going to send it to you via dm.
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