Odd font rendering issue/puzzel

The screen caps I’ve uploaded here are from font that’s one of a  layered font family I am making. The images are size-as and show a strange rendering oddity that only happens to the letters N, plus the diacritical component glyphs, Ń, Ñ, Ň and Ņ. It only occurs on screen in Illustrator and InDesign at the size shown or smaller, and only when the base line is perfectly level or upside down and perfectly level. So far, I’ve only tested it on my Macbook (15” Retina) 

This doesn’t happen in Apple Pages, or Open Office. I’ve yet to try it other (non Adobe) design apps.     


The N isn’t flipped, but repositioned with the the top aligning with the base line.

At the size above or larger, display is normal (right way up or other wize)

This is how the layers go together.



  • Did you check the path direction and disabled all hinting?
  • Thanks. Checked paths - didn't disable hinting, but then I didn't generate any hints along the way either. 

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