Read This Before Posting A New Critique Thread

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Please do the following when requesting a critique:
• Attach an image to your post, but keep the image under 700 pixels wide. Use whatever image hosting service you like or just throw the file on your web server.
• Attach a PDF proof of your design. A proof shows the characters at a large size and examples of type set at sizes relevant to the intended use of the design. Please keep the data in your file as vectors to minimize file size and allow people to zoom. A sample proof is attached to this message in Indesign CS6 and PDF formats.
• Introduce yourself so people know what kind of experience you have.
• Describe your typeface: intended use, historical references, etc.


  • Some people really seem to like them and benefit from them. I'm not crazy about them either. But I don't mind if they're here, as long as I don't have to participate.
  • As someone who is currently benefitting from the sage advice of experienced TypeDrawers, I'm glad that critiques exist and am grateful to those who take the time to offer feedback.
  • Not everyone can go to KABK, Reading, or Type@Cooper. Learning in isolation is slow and difficult. Speaking as someone fairly new to type design, I'd like this to be a place where serious but inexperienced people can draw on the expertise of established professionals. And, as several people have noted above, you can always skip any threads you don't like the looks of.
  • On Typophile, I remember watching interesting designs with character get whittled down into generic fonts. This seems to be a better critique crowd where most of the advice is technical.
  • I'm new to type design too and find the critique threads invaluable, not just when my designs are the subject but even others. Seeing other designs head into directions I have not had the opportunity to go and see what problems showed up along the way makes the landscape a lot less foreign and daunting.
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    IIRC Typophile had to cut crit threads from the new posts listing because the constant churn made them dominate everything else. But that is not the case here. Can someone make a good case for hiding them other than that associated with the great unwashed who have not released an exquisite typeface makes you feel dirty?
  • I don't mind the Critiques and think they sometimes serve a useful purpose, so I don't think they should be hidden.

  • I agree that they shouldn't be hidden, I do think that those posting work for critique should have posted a bit previously; an introduction, some questions or comments anything except the crit as the first post.
  • Can someone make a good case for hiding them other than that associated with the great unwashed who have not released an exquisite typeface makes you feel dirty?
    There seems to be a reliable inverse relationship between how frequently someone posts new threads seeking critique vs. how frequently that person contributes to threads that are not about them. Hiding the critique threads would deter this sort of peacocking — "LIKE MY FONT? KTHXBYE"
  • I'm more active in the critique category than any other. I'd like to contribute more but most of the conversation on this forum is at a level I'm not quite at yet. Try my best to space out my posts and not bump my critique thread up too often. Thought I'd share.
  • I don't get, how do I make a PDF? And should I post both image and PDF? Thank you.
  • @Vladimir: First off, may I suggest you use a pic of yourself as your profilepict? Secondly, pdf's can be made in many different ways, though using adobe indesign is definitely preferable over simple text editors like word. File>save as pdf, or, File>Export to pdf. Yes, an image and a pdf is best. Goodluck.
  • Thanks!
    I'll upload my photo when I'll have one. Now I haven't a possibility to create a good one.
  • Is font pairing also appropriate for this critique section? (want a second advice on pairing 2 sans serifs)
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    > Is font pairing also appropriate for this critique section?

    Please don’t ask for advice on font pairings. Use reddit for that sort of discussion.
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