Latin Extended-B Languages?

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I wanted to know which languages are part of the Latin Extended-B set. I can find the glyphs but not the languages that they support.

Are they very 'important'? Or should I focus on other languages like Cyrillic/Greek?

Up to now, no client has ever asked for Latin Extended-B, never the less, a lot of 'pro' typefaces seem to have his character set covered.

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    Latin Extended-B is needed for

    Languages: Romanian, Azeri, Vietnamese, Slovenian (Latin), Croatian (Latin), Sami, Khoisan, Zulu, a number of native american languages from West Canada, and several West-African languages which use the pan-African and pan-Nigerian alphabets. Also supports minority languages which use pan-Turkic alphabet, mainly less known idioms from small comunities inside Russia with roots linked to Latin script.

    Transliterations: Pin Yin, Serbian Cyrillic translated to Croatian Latin

    Old languages and orthographies: Zhuang, Gothic, Scots, Old Norse, Old English, Old Saxon and also legacy orthographies of West African languages.

    Phonetics: sparse additions to IPA, APA and UPA.

    Of course, the relevance of this block need to be evaluated in face of your audience and targets. But if you are aiming to wider market, Cyrillic represent more potential licensees.
  • Thanks John and Igor, this really helps!
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    Yup. Don’t do the whole block just for the sake of doing the whole block, unless you’re aiming to cover all Latin characters that are in Unicode.

    There are two things you need to consider when looking at Latin Extended-B.

    As John says, this is a mix of characters from various sources. The way they are grouped is also problematic, in particular the 'Non-european and historic' group which contains both characters used by millions and character used only in historical documents or document related to them.
    As a client, it would make more sense to look for specific characters rather than the whole block.

    The other thing is that some of the letters in Latin Extended-B have their uppercase or lowercase in a different Unicode Block, or some letters are only used in orthographies that also use some characters in other Unicode Blocks : IPA Extensions, Latin Extended-C, Latin Extended-D, Combining Marks.

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