Suggestion: add a Typography category

I miss a space to discuss things not related to type design, but rather type use. Some of the best threads on Typophile started with a typographic challenge.


  • When I launched Typedrawers there were general typography and design categories. The users overwhelmingly encouraged me to remove them because it kept the site focused. Not having the big broad categories keeps amateurs and students from creating accounts to get answers for the same 101-level questions over and over. has a general forum, and it might be better for both forums to have this stuff separated so that they’re both easier to moderate.
  • Argh. I see the point in that, but at the same time there is so much knowledge here. I wanna pick ur brains … ☠
  • I agree Frode, I have some questions that are more typography specific that I've been curious about, might be nice to have a specific category to discuss.

    I'm really curious if there's any definitive books or publications that are utmost examples of excellent typesetting. Not instructional, as in Elements of Typographic Style, but just examples that would be good to collect for reference.
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