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When I took over TypeDrawers management back in October, 2014 it was my intention to recruit a team of moderators, knowing that I don’t have the brains or time to do it all on my own. Regrettably, that took longer than it should have. Today I can finally announce that we have an official team of six very capable moderators who will join me to watch for rulebreaking, help settle disputes, and vote on suspensions and major policy changes.
  • Jackson Cavanaugh is a Chicago-based type designer and proprietor of Okay Type. Right now you are reading his Alright Sans which he and Webtype graciously donated for use on this site. Jackson is one of the first TD members and has been consistently active on the forum since its beginning.
  • Ramiro Espinoza is an Argentinian type designer and proprietor of ReType. Also a KABK graduate, Ramiro now lives in The Hague and just published a book on Amsterdam’s distinctive shopfront lettering. Like Jackson, Ramiro is an early TD adopter and has served as a moderator since before my tenure as Manager.
  • Nina Stössinger is a Swiss typographer, type designer, and founder of Typologic, a studio for type design, typography, and code. Although she hasn’t yet spent a lot of time on TD, Nina is a respected voice in a variety of type-related fora, such as Typophile and Twitter, and I value her open-minded, creative thinking.
  • James Todd is a type and graphic designer and proprietor of JTD in New York. Before typography, his exploits included bespoke tailoring and auto upholstery. (Really!) James is also one of the first TD members and became a moderator not long after its creation.
  • Dyana Weissman is a type designer at Font Bureau where she has played a major role in many of the foundries’ most successful families since 2002. Although she can draw letters with the best of ’em, Dyana has a reputation for being fond of kerning. Dyana is new to TD and has already contributed to various discussions on the forum and among our moderation team.
That’s our team of moderators for now, but it’s not set in stone. Over the coming weeks we’ll consider additions to the group from a variety of perspectives and experience.


  • Nice! I think having 7 moderators is good, so that if the committee votes, it can't become drawn; please add keep the total odd :)
  • Yep, that’s the intention.
  • kupferskupfers Posts: 246
    edited August 2015
    Can all moderators approve new members or can only you do that? (Got a note from someone that he is still waiting to be approved.)
  • Currently I'm the only one approving new TD members, but I'll give those powers to Moderators today.
  • Alvaro FrancaAlvaro Franca Posts: 22
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    Great team! Good luck to all, and many thanks for the commitment to keep this place an ever more valuable discussion forum, it's greatly appreciated :smile: 
  • joeclarkjoeclark Posts: 124
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    A team of moderators is all well and good, but without a MetaDrawers or equivalent forum to discuss forum-related discussions (sic), you have presented half a solution.

    Also, “moderator” means something quite distinct from “administrator.” Do you really mean “moderator”?

    Further, decisions by moderator(s) must be signed and attributable to named persons, not simply alleged to be “consensus.”

    Also, it needs to be written out in a permanent place the degree of challenge moderators will tolerate before deciding, usually by “consensus,” that a user should be banned. I say this because user-forum moderators, who tend to be inexperienced, do not understand that it is their job to be challenged.
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