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    June 13
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    June 11
  • Bart Overeem
    Hey Ramiro, what or which discussion shall I put my name-this-font question in? Any ideas?
    June 7
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    June 6
  • Hey everyone. I'm gonna use a font of mine for web, but I've noticed that my font is not quite aligning with Arial (which will be its substitution-font). The line-heights are similar, but Arial floats a little bit compared to my font's baseline.

    Might be a dumb question, but how can I make sure that my font and Arial align to the same baseline? 

    May 23
    • Leigh Furby
      Leigh Furby
      As a guess, I think web renderers consider the font as the whole glyph square, MaxY to MinY - which makes the baseline relative to the particular typeface.

      In short, you have to offset one of them to make them align.
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    June 5
  • Dyana Weissman
    Hi Alphie,

    Welcome! Please change your username to your first name and last name in accordance with our rules

    We look forward to your participation on the forums. 


    Dyana (Moderator)
    June 2
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    June 2
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    May 29
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    May 21
  • André G. Isaak
    Do you have such fbit fonts? If so, can you post a link to one (or preferably more)?
    "Older" file types (>20 yrs) are usually not that complicated to work out, what with our modern day systems boasting a thousand times the speed and a million times the memory specs they were designed for.

    I don’t have a link, but if you PM me your email address I can send you some stuff.
    May 22
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    May 20
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    May 18